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    Different Parts Of Badminton Racket--



    There are basically two forms: classical and isometric.

    The advantage, if it were isometric rackets is that the lengths of strings are more homogeneous across the screen compared to conventional heads, providing a larger area centering.

    This not only reduces typos (tolerance), but also to increase the power.

    But against the party, you lose a little accuracy.

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    The rod or shaft:

    The main feature is its rigidity or flexibility.

    In fact, if you opt for a flexible rod must know that you will gain power (useful if your release is a little light), however you will lose accuracy and touch.

    So, if you master the act of release or if you have a driving game, you should choose a rigid shaft see very rigid. If you are new, flexible rod will help you send the wheel at the bottom, which is very important in badminton.

    But compromise is possible for players with a consistent game in both attack and defense (rigid or medium).

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    It follows from the length as the equilibrium point of a neutral racket is in the middle, about 33 cm for a standard size model.

    If this point is above 33 cm, there is more weight in mind and therefore more power.

    On the contrary if the equilibrium point is below 33 cm it improves control.


    The grip:

    It helps to have a good grip of the racket and should not be overlooked.

    Here, everyone has to find its mark. The original grips are very good and suitable to wear but it depends on the player and he wants to have the diameter.

    We can put on a grip-both to increase the diameter of the handle for those who have large hands or simply to protect the grip to change the grip on when it is worn.

    Those who have heavy sweating in the hands and opt for absorbent than a sponge or on grip grip grip.

    Tip: For the sponge grip do not forget to leave the racket handle of the bag at the end of the day and lightly brush the material to regain original shape. Indeed, after sweating and not have left the racket material will be unpleasant to the touch due to sweating.

    Alternatively, even with a very absorbent if you find your grip or grip-”rolling” during or after a match you can add a little talcum power, it will not damage the material and it will keep little longer over-grip.



    The rope:

    It is mainly nylon or gut. Its diameter varies from 0.65 to 0.85 mm.

    Over the line is bigger, it is solid, but it offers less feel and touch a comparison of a thin string.

    The original string tension is between 7 and 9 kg to 13 kg following high level of competition. You should know that there is more tension to the game can be more accurate.

    Low voltage restores power but the touch is less accurate

    Tip: For a voltage when you want a change of line, it is recommended to add 0.5 kg more in order to find a desired voltage after some time. In fact, after using the string tension tends to release it.

    -Check when changing the rope eyelets are in good conditions or are now in effect during use if the eye is defective or no it is possible that the rope breaks quickly due to friction.



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